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Mar 8 AUSU Update – Help Us Name Our Podcast, Executive Election Results, Survey Results, And More! (2019-03-08)

AUSU Special Edition – Advocacy Regarding Ontario Student Funding Changes  (2019-02-15)

Feb 7 AUSU Special Edition – Services Available To YOU As An AU Undergraduate Student! (2019-02-07)

Jan 25 AUSU Updates – Contest, Student Discounts, FaceBook Live Interview, And More! (2019-01-25)

Jan 11 AUSU Update – Awards and Bursaries Available, Student Spotlight, and more! (2019-01-11)

Dec 14 AUSU Updates – Holiday Help, Award Available, Advocacy Week, And More! (2018-12-14)

Nov 16 AUSU Update – Committee Seats Available, Win Prizes, and More!! (2018-11-16)

Nov 1 AUSU Update: Take Our Survey For A Chance To WIN, New Wellness Program, And More! (2018-11-02)

Oct 22 AUSU Update – Awards & Bursaries, Student Spotlight, & More! (2018-10-22)

October 5, 2018 Newsletter (2018-10-05)

September 2018 AUSU Newsletter (2018-09-21)

September 7, 2018 AUSU Newsletter (2018-09-07)

 August 17, 2018 Newsletter (2018-08-17)

August 7, 2018 AUSU Newsletter (2018-08-03)

 July 20, 2018 Newsletter (2018-07-20)

July 2018 Newsletter (2018-07-06)

June 2018 AUSU Newsletter (2018-06-08)

May 2018 AUSU Newsletter (2018-05-18)

AUSU Updates – Awards & Bursaries, Annual Report, New Council, And More! (2018-04-27)

AUSU Update – Awards & Bursaries Available, Proposed Fee Increase, Discounts and more! (2018-03-20)

AUSU Updates – Election Results, Pharmacy Savings, Student Spotlight and more! (2018-03-09)

AUSU Updates – VOTE In The AUSU Election, Interview With The AUSU President, And More! (2018-02-28)

AUSU Updates – Election Candidates Announced, Election Debates, Free, and more! (2018-02-12)

AUSU Updates – RUN FOR STUDENT COUNCIL, Bursaries Available, and More! (2018-01-26)

AUSU Update – Eyewear Savings, Leadership Award, Student Spotlight, And More! (2018-01-05)

AUSU Updates – Hiring A CRO, Proposed Fee Increase, New Pharmacy Savings, And More! (2017-12-15)

AUSU Updates – Bryon Paege Award, Win a Prize, Student Spotlight, and more! (2017-11-17)

AUSU Update – Virtual Group Therapy, New Policy, Subscribe To WIN, And More! (2017-11-03)

AUSU Update – Check Out The NEW Voice Magazine! Subscribe For A Chance To WIN! (2017-10-27)

AUSU Updates – Awards & Bursaries (Deadline Nov 1), Win A Prize With Facebook Live, And More! (2017-10-20)

AUSU Update – Free, Virtual Group Therapy, AUSU is Hiring, Awards and more! (2017-10-06)

AUSU Updates – Awards and Bursaries Now Available, Shaw Discounts, and more! (2017-09-18)

AUSU Updates – Shaw Discounts, Bursaries Available, Student Spotlight, And More! (2017-09-01)

AUSU Update – Bylaw Revisions, New Award, Clinical Changes, and more! (2017-08-21)

AUSU Updates – Mobile App, Exec Blog, Voice Magazine, Student Spotlight, and more! (2017-08-04)

AUSU Updates – Committee Seat Available, Eyewear Discounts, Parenting Support, and more! (2017-07-21)

AUSU Updates – Retreat Recap, Survey Results, Awards, Student Spotlight And More! (2017-07-07)

AUSU Updates – New Logo, Bursaries Available, Student Spotlight, Services Available, and More! (2017-06-16)

AUSU Updates – AUSU 25th Birthday Party, Convocation, New Forums, And More! (2017-06-02)

AUSU Updates – Mental Health Support, Take Our Survey, Refunds And Discounts, And More! (2017-05-19)

AUSU Updates – Take Our Survey To WIN, AGM, Annual Report, And More! (2017-05-03)

AUSU Awards & Bursaries – DEADLINE MAY 1 – And Other Updates (2017-04-21)

AUSU Updates – AGM Announced, Awards and Bursaries Available, Teaching Awards, and more! (2017-04-07)

AUSU Updates – Awards & Bursaries Available, New Executive, Student Spotlight, And More! (2017-03-17)

AUSU Wants To Get Results For You! #AUGoals (2017-03-15)

Services Available to YOU as an AU Student’ Union Member – No Matter Where You Live! (2017-03-03)

Special Edition – AU Students Invited To Participate In AU Third Party Review (2017-03-01)

AUSU Update – Financial Help, Executive Qualities, Taxes, Student Spotlight, And More! (2017-02-17)

AUSU Update – The Voice Magazine, AUSU Logo Explained, Mobile App, and More! (2017-02-03)

AUSU Update – Bursaries Available, Council Fun Facts, Student Spotlight, and More! (2017-01-20)

AUSU Updates – Advocacy at AU, Leadership Award, FREE, and More! (2017-01-06)

AUSU Updates – Leadership Award, Award & Contest Winners, Student Spotlight, and More! (2016-12-16)

AUSU Updates – Advocacy Week, Course Evals, New Course, Holiday Closure, and more! (2016-12-02)

AUSU Updates – Tuition Survey, Free Course Contest, Edmonton Meet Up, and More! (2016-11-18)

AUSU November Newsletter – Don’t Cheat, Contest, Bursaries, And More! (2016-11-04)

Last Week to Apply for Awards, Advocacy Update, Contest, and More AUSU Updates! (2016-10-21)

AUSU October Newsletter – New Councillors Announced, Contest, Awards, and More! (2016-10-05)

Enter to Win a FREE AU Course, NEW Bursary, and other AUSU Updates (2016-09-26)

AUSU September Updates – By-Election Candidates Announced, Awards Now Available, and More! (2016-09-19)

AUSU September Newsletter – New Bursary, Appeals, By-Election, and More! (2016-09-05)

Run for Council – Call for Nominations for AUSU By-Election Now Open! (2016-08-31)

AUSU August Updates – New Eyewear Discounts, New Bursaries, and More! (2016-08-19)

AUSU is now Hiring a Chief Returning Officer for a 2016 By-Election (2016-08-10)

AUSU August 2016 Newsletter (2016-08-05)

AUSU Services Available to YOU as an AU Undergrad Student (2016-07-22)

July 2016 Newsletter – Survey Results, Committee Seat, Advocacy, and More! (2016-07-08)

Help Wanted for a Temporary Committee! (2016-06-30)

Invitation to Submit Undergraduate Research Projects for the AU 2016 Research Conference (2016-06-21)

AUSU Updates, Edmonton Events, and Last Chance for Survey Prizes! (2016-06-17)

AUSU June Newsletter – Take our Survey for a Chance to WIN! (2016-06-03)

AUSU Committee Seat Open and Other Updates (2016-05-20)

May 2016 Newsletter (2016-05-06)

AUSU Awards (DEADLINE MAY 1) and Other AUSU Updates (2016-04-18)

April 2016 Newsletter (2016-04-01)

AUSU Election Results and AGM Notice (2016-03-16)

March 2016 Newsletter (2016-03-04)

AUSU 2016 Election Candidates Announced (2016-02-22)

AUSU Bylaw Revisions (2016-02-18)

Call for Nominations – Deadline TOMORROW (2016-02-16)

AUSU Election – Call for Nominations (2016-02-10)

February 2016 Newsletter (2016-02-05)

AUSU is hiring a Chief returning Office for the Upcoming 2016 Election (2016-01-13)

January 2016 Newsletter (2016-01-08)

AUSU Notice Regarding Updates to Election Policies (2015-12-17)

Last Chance to submit your Opinion in our AU Services and Response Times Survey! (2015-12-14)

AUSU Free Weekly Calendars – Order now! (2015-12-10)

AUSU Survey about AU Response Times and Student Services (2015-12-18)

December 2015 Newsletter (2015-12-04)

Special Edition – AUSU Health & Dental Plan Discontinuance (2015-11-30)

November 2015 Newsletter (2015-11-06)

Special Edition – November 1 AUSU Awards Deadline (2015-10-23)

Special Edition – Make Your Voice Heard – Pledge to Vote (2015-10-09)

October 2015 Newsletter (2015-10-02)

Special Edition – Pledge to Vote and Enter to Win! (2015-09-30)

Special Edition – Download your FREE MOBILE APP (2015-09-10)

September 2015 Newsletter (2015-09-04)

Special Edition – Student Lifeline Mental Health & Wellness Program Launch (2015-09-01)

August 2015 Newsletter (2015-08-07)

Special Edition – Call for Nominations (2015-07-20)

July 2015 Newsletter (2015-07-03)

June 2015 Newsletter (2015-06-05)

May 2015 Newsletter (2015-05-22)